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Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher


  • Developers

    • Monomi Park
  • Genres

    • Action
    • Adventure
    • Indie
    • Simulation
  • Platforms

    • Windows
    • MacOS
    • Linux
  • Released

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Just Updated


The Automatic Update is here and introduces a new Slime Science gadget: DRONES! Drones are happy little helper bots that can be programmed to help with various tasks around the ranch!

Read more about Drones here

The Party Gordo Update


Let's get this party started! Every weekend, the Party Gordo comes to the Far, Far Range, but you have to find him first!

Read more about the special weekend events here!

The Little Big Storage Update


The Little Big Storage Update is here to help! Ranch storage is getting a huge upgrade and it’s just in time for a little spring cleaning.

Learn more about the new silo upgrades here!

Mochi's Megabucks Update


Mochi’s Megabucks Update is here and you've been invited to explore the Nimble Valley: a new zone that is home to the exceedingly rare quicksilver slimes!

Learn more about the Nimble Valley here!

Shop Merchandise


Limited Holiday Event


Celebrate the season with our limited-time Wiggly Wonderland event! Hunt for ornaments and decorate your ranch from December 20 - 31

A new ornament will appear in crates every day, so hurry and collect as many as you can before they’re gone!

Read more here

Ogden's Wild Update


Ogden’s Wild Update has arrived! Slime Rancher v1.1.0 contains a dangerous, new zone to explore, missions to undertake from Ogden Ortiz, the feral descendants of the long-extinct saber slime, and more!

Discover more about The Wilds and version 1.1.0 here

About the Game


Welcome to the Far, Far Range

Slime Rancher is a charming, first-person, sandbox experience. Play as Beatrix LeBeau: a plucky, young rancher who sets out for a life a thousand light years away from Earth on the ‘Far, Far Range.’

Each day will present new challenges and risky opportunities as you attempt to amass a great fortune in the business of slime ranching. Collect colorful slimes, grow crops, harvest resources, and explore the untamed wilds through the mastery of your all-purpose vacpack.


Stake Your Claim

The renowned rancher, Hobson Twillgers, has passed his ranch on to you. Get it back up and running, discover the secrets hidden on this mysterious planet, and dominate the Plort Market.

  • Grow crops and raise chickadoos to feed your collection of hungry slimes.
  • Complete daily requests from other ranchers to get bonus rewards.
  • Earn money to upgrade your vacpack, build more corrals, or expand your ranch.
  • Use Slime Science to find rare resources, craft decorations, and create gadgets that will help you on your adventures.
  • Explore a sprawling world loaded with lots of secrets and hidden treasures.


Slimetastic Features:

  • Choose from 3 game modes: Adventure, Casual, and Rush
  • Get creative and combine slimes into more than 150 hybrid slimes
  • Take advantage of our full controller support if you think keyboards should be used to play music instead of games



This page uses the steam API.
  • iMasterYolo
  • image.png

    Ce mai astepti? Click pe link-ul de mai jos

    » https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/slime-rancher/home

     Slime Rancher e gratis pe Epic Games Store, daca nu ai cont, *click aici* pentru a te inregistra.

    Mica poveste:
    Slime Rancher e o poveste care apartine lui Beatrix LeBeau, un fermier, fermiera? exista macar asa cuvant? Ma rog, car cica traieste la 1 mie de ani lumina de Terra, in 'Far, Far Range' unde ea incearca sa sa "farmeze" slimeuri. Cu ajutorul unu vacpack, Beatrix incearca sa stackeze si sa adune cat mai multe slimeuri si sa le organizez ca sa nu mai fie slimeuri random peste tot. Adica Beatrix s a jucat minecraft pe flat world si s a plictisit de acele Slimeuri care sunt pe toata harta si s a decis sa faca putina ordine. Da i click pe linkul de mai jos pentru a lua si tu o copie a jocului complet gratis.


    • SO: Windows 7+
    • Procesor: 2.2GHz Dual Core
    • Memorie: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafică: 512MB VRAM
    • DirectX: Versiune 11
    • Stocare: 1 GB spațiu disponibi

    Adica in mare parte orice potato pc ar duce jocul asta destul de decent. Review? Poate.

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