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    VALHALLA HUB SETUP » 1.8 - 1.14.x
    4.99 $

               SETUP THEME:
    » In this setup I used red & white for the base colour ( for the general UI ).
              » But you can use whatever colour you want using some text editor to change the id's ( &c - for red / &f - for white ).
              » Building theme is Medieval - Fantastic.
              » Check the spoiler section below for some screenshots.


               CUSTOM MESSAGES:
    » You can change any message in this setup. I used Lorem Ipsum for possible future descriptions.
                 If you don't know what Lorem Ipsum is, check this link » *click here*
                 Check the section below for screenshots.
              » Every message is configurable in their respective plugin config file.
                  If you have questions please check the contact section below.
              » In these messages are included - motd / vote / welcomer ( chat + screen & toolbar ) / scoreboard / player list info and more.

    » Lobby music +60 tracks ( you can access it using /music command ).
              » Lobby parkour ( with time / checkpoints / editors if you want to modify it ).
              » Teleport Bow.
              » Double Jump.
              » Cosmetics ( with npc for treasure opening & vote for keys ).
              » Void 2 spawn ( in case someone want to jump in void ).

    » Server Selector.
                 I made only 3 options in this menu but you can add as much as you want, it's configurable.
                 Same for the info / donations menu, because that's subjective.
              » No hunger / weather / leaf-decay / fire spread / mob spawning etc.
              » Joining items ( server selector / info book / cosmetics / store / teleport bow ).
              » Basic security.
                 This setup was maded in online mode (premium mode). It doesn't include security for AntiWDL, AntiUserSteal, UUID Spoof or others plugin like that.
                 It only have a basic plugin protection / command interdiction.
              » Compatibility with 1.8 - 1.14.x ( ViaVersion used ). The server is using spigot for 1.8.
              » NPCs for bungee ( server selector ), vote and crate opening. 
              » Premade Ranks ( 2 basic ranks for permission created with PermissionEX, you can add more if needed ).
              » Scoreboard for basic informations ( name, rank, players online etc ).
                 Can be configurable to add more servers if necessary.        


               CHECK THE SPOILER
    » Messages - UI.


    MOTD.png x PlayerList.png  Scoreboard.png x Welcomer1.png Ranks.png x Welcomer2.png aparenta.png serverselector.png store.png 

              » Build - *click here to inspect in 3d*




               DISCORD:                                    ❖ MAIL:                                                  ❖ HERE:
              » iMasterYolo#4093                         » dontspam.yolo@gmail.com                » just dm me.

              » If you have any questions / problems / suggestions or found a bug, please feel free to contact me.  
                 Thanks for your time ❤️   

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